Before You Move

Before You Move

Buying a home and moving is a very busy time — so many things to remember. Use this checklist to jog your memory. Add your own personal list of things to do.

Booking the movers
❏   You may decide to move yourself or use a moving company. You can choose to have the movers pack everything, pack just the breakables, or you might just want to pack everything yourself. You may want to obtain estimates from several moving companies for comparison. Be sure to make arrangements well in advance.

If you own your present home

❏   Ask the gas and electric utility companies to read the meters on the day you leave and forward the bill to your new address.
❏   Ask your heating oil supplier to fill the oil tank before your sale closes; or measure and estimate the value of the contents.
❏   If your water heater is rented, arrange for the transfer of the rental agreement to the Buyer.
❏   Arrange for the disconnection of your water softener, telephone and cable TV.

If you rent your present home
❏   Give necessary written notice to your landlord and make arrangements for the return of your security deposit.

At your “new” home
❏   Make arrangements for the gas and electric utilities, water softener, telephone and cable TV, etc to be connected on the day the sale closes.

❏   Prepare a list of friends, relatives, credit card companies, charge accounts, suppliers of service and others. Get ‘Change of address” cards from Canada post and send well before the move date.
❏   Arrange with Canada Post to forward mail to your new address.
❏   Cancel pre-authorized cheques for contracted services
❏   Inform gardening and dry cleaning, garbage pick-up, newspapers and magazines, diaper and other home services and arrange for services at your new address.
❏   Transfer trust or bank accounts and securities: establish new accounts with a letter of introduction.
❏   Cancel or transfer social, athletic, civic, religious or business affiliations and memberships.
❏   Arrange for the cancellation of property insurance on your present home; arrange for insurance on “new” home.
❏   Change the address on drivers license effective the day of the move.
❏   Collect all items that are out for cleaning, repair or storage —dry cleaning, laundry, watches, shoes or small appliances.
❏   Make special arrangements for the moving of your pets.
❏   Dispose safely of all flammable liquids including gasoline used in gardening and recreational motors. (It is illegal for movers to transport them.)
❏   Have school records transferred.
❏   Arrange for the transfer of medical, dental and optical records and prescriptions.

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