Other Things to Consider

Other Things to Consider

Other Costs
Depending on your situation, you may have some other initial expenses to consider:
Moving expenses
Whether you’ll be hiring a moving company, or renting a truck and asking friends for help, there are likely to be moving expenses.

Renovations or repairs
Can renovations, or repairs, be delayed, or are some necessary to do immediately?

Condominium fees
Do you have to make the initial payment for these monthly fees?

Service connection fees
Telephone, gas, electricity, cable TV, satellite TV, Internet, and so on, may charge service connection fees. Some utilities may ask you to pay a deposit.

Does your new home come with appliances? Do you already have your own?

Gardening equipment
Will you need to buy gardening equipment, the first summer in your new home?

Snow-clearing equipment
Will you need to buy snow-clearing equipment, the first winter in your new home?

Window treatments
Do blinds or curtains come with the house?

Decorating materials
Do you want to re-paint or apply wallpaper? Do the floors need to be refinished or re-carpeted? Do you have all the tools you need for redecorating?

Hand tools
Do you have the basic hand tools you’ll need for your new home?

Will you need a dehumidifier to control moisture levels?